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The Kool Kids Klub Page!

The Kool Kids Klub Page!

Hi! Why don't YOU join the Kool Kids Klub?

It's tons of fun, and you will learn about other countries and meet kids from all around the world! You will learn about their life, their culture, their school, their hobbies, and Lots More! can make penpals through E-Mail with kids from other countries! This club can only work if you join, so why not sign up and tell the world about where you live!

You have to between 10 and 16 years old to join. We want to make sure that all the members are close to the same age.

First Name:

Middle Name:

Last Name:


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Tell us about you! (What you like to do, what your school is like, what sports you play, what your country is like, etc.):

Remember...this club can only work if you enter, so get those letters flying!

Co-Presidents: Wendren, from Mauritius + Rebekah, from the United States

This page is still under construction!

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